Blessings to you, my name is Hamid Omar, an Advocate of the High Court of Kenya.

There is that love, that thrill, that adventure, that enjoyment,  that drive, that push to something beautiful, wonderful and an endless epic journey so adorable. That is what and how law is to me. On how  I fell for law and had energy to it, it started with the love for debate since primary.

It has been a journey, guided here and there by seniors in the profession. Much respect to them and still much guided. With them, showing of the way has been easy. Forever under their guidance.

We, Hamid & Associates Advocates are a passion oriented law firm with the client’s needs at heart and the legal fraternity in mind. With excellence, transparence, collaboration and efficiency we perform our duties diligently.

Though we would like to represent one in court, we value alternative dispute resolutions, this is always our primary goal, for we appreciate that in court, there is a winner and a loser, but outside court settlement, it is a win-win situation.

Our mission is two: to represent our clients with a dynamic and mind-perfect attitude of building a continued relation that benefits the clients.

It is also to foster collaboration, enlightenment and sharing of ideas with fellow lawyers or members of the legal field.

Our vision is to be a law firm of repute that is mentioned, highly regarded and acknowledged at the international scenes, enhancing cohesion and building an enterprise of neighbourly relations.

Our territories are: civil, corporate, ICT, energy, judicial review, constitutional, family law and succession, Intellectual Property and Conveyancing.

What we treasure most is engagement, a two way traffic. One with the client, where we make the language of law as easy as possible to you. Secondly, as grace to the profession and understanding that we are because of each other, scholarly article will be written with the intention of prospering the profession. All these will be done via both articles and videos. For scholarly article, it will depend, whenever the inspiration comes, it will be noticed.

Our offices are at Mombasa and Malindi, for the Malindi, the office is still under start up maintenance.

Feel free, if you have any legal issue or issues with you, our email address is:, be sure to have no charges placed on e-mail consultation on your end when that issue or question of yours is answered.

Long it has been, appreciated for listening till now. Be blessed, we end with our motto, “Together as One.”

Photo by Tyler Lastovich on Pexels

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