Constitutional and Judicial Review


We have rights, you, them, him or her and we intend to have those rights respected, and enjoyed by not hurting the other. It is what earns each of us the respect that is needed in the daily living of life. It fosters unity and builds a continued relation filled with mutual appreciation of each other. That may be it, but it is not uniform, things may go wary, your right might not be respected.

Be it the right of market vendors ordered to lay down their tools as the market is going to be demolished to make way for a Nature Park being constructed. You see, conflicting rights, all benefits the rights of the public, but it is a matter of who holds more than the other. This is a constitutional matter, of who among the two has that right. The nature park or the market?

Or it may be that one is convicted of a crime but looking closely they were not immediately taken to court within 24 hours, but they were taken later after let us say two days, 48 hours, you see a right to fair hearing has been denied here.

Be guaranteed, with us, as your lawyers, we have your backs representing you in such related scenarios where your constitutional right are at play.

Decisions are made by public bodies, either it be in hiring, disciplining somebody, firing somebody or sometimes decisions are undertaken that has an effect to an individual or the general public. These are administrative related law scenarios. With we as your lawyers, diligent we represent you in such deeds that require fair administrative action.

In whole as your lawyers, we undertake under instructions from you, to represent you in both matters that are constitutional and those related to administrative actions that gives birth to judicial review.