We appreciate that the family is the social unit of any society. It is the structure that shapes what makes a country to be what it is. Having different branches to it, we undertake representation in family law. In our fold we have issues related to marriage. Acts like separation, divorce, children maintenance, spouse maintenance, adoption matters, and issues related to children, like who should be responsible with taking care of the child through deeds like staying with them in the same house. Basically their upbringing by a particular parent. Similarly, on the same subject, we have instances of disputes arising between family on matters of inheritance and also upon divorce on how properties acquired through marriage should be divided equally among the two disputing spouses. With all the above in mind, we undertake with energy driving in us to represent matters related to family law like inheritance issues, children maintenance, children adoption, who should live with the children, inheritance conflicts and also division of matrimonial property to name but a few.

With energy and drive, we represent…

Marriage conflicts

We handle to  name but a few: divorce, annullment, adoption, separation, maintenance, matrimonial disputes. All in all having in mind the importance of mediation to respect the love that was once there.


Sometimes things happen, dispute arises about on inheritance. Like boats to the sea, like water flowing, we walk with you.

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