What that defines our unity as a country is the different cultures that rides with us. This too involves the religions people practice. Appreciating that diversity amongst us, we as a dynamic law firm deals with Islamic Law in our representation of you. Where we cater for the various branches that defines what Islamic Law is. Divorce though not everybody’s plan happens, call it waking up with the left leg to put it correctly. That should however not mean the right leg should not be involved, we come to your help under your instructions to our lawyers, where regardless of the position you are, wife or the husband we represent you in your divorce matter before the Kadhi’s Court. Sometimes, we are visited by forces unknown to us, bringing into light disputes in inheritance, where one says this and another says a totally different thing. With us, as your lawyers, we undertake to represent you in that inheritance dispute under Islamic law that is disturbing your peace of mind, your lack of sleep. Allow us the chance to function and represent your work with your mind at heart and the legal profession at mind.

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