We are a people at heart, who connect with each other and build relationships. We are either family, friend or relative. As part of life, conflicts happening is part of our nature, it is what makes the human race unique and special on its own right.

However, that does not shadow the fact of our goal for a better life, one that is peaceful, friendly and existing with each other calmly. Where our works, our duties, our existence flows fluidly like a river flowing downslope a mountain.

We acknowledge that relationships are what builds us, be it family, friends or neighbours. We, as lawyers at Hamid & Associates Advocates, respect that as a backborne to any development agenda, good relationships ought to exist. We intend to prosper that relationship by resolving disputes amicably with we as your mediators.

As mediators, we ride with the goal of a win-win situation where everybody walks out of the table happy and excited. To be joyous to the fact that though it did not go well according to my side of the story, but at least we all walked out of the door smiling. We were at the tail end brothers or and sisters shaking hands swiftly.

We appreciate that court disputes are winner lose situation, that is why our advocacy for mediation or alternative dispute resolution, where we all are joyful.