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Land and Property

Land and property is such a big entitlement in the society. It is what gives legitimacy to one’s identity, it gives them a position of pride, a given peaceful respect and a shade where upon one can rest to wander their thoughts in how the day should go or head to. As lawyers, we appreciate […]

Labour and Employment

The terrain of the workplace. It always is a happy moment when one receives news that they have been hired to a specific job to a particular organization. Within that organization, many elements are at play resulting to one finding themselves at a position later on they never intended. Be it being suspended, fired or […]

ICT and Media

What times beautiful they are, new developments in the technology sector, communication, innovation and media. AI crosses our mind, technology has made financial transaction better and also communication perfect. Though that may be it, questions arises on data protection and also on privacy of information processed. With diligence as your lawyers, we intend to represent […]

Constitutional and Judicial Review

We have rights, you, them, him or her and we intend to have those rights respected, and enjoyed by not hurting the other. It is what earns each of us the respect that is needed in the daily living of life. It fosters unity and builds a continued relation filled with mutual appreciation of each […]


We are a people at heart, who connect with each other and build relationships. We are either family, friend or relative. As part of life, conflicts happening is part of our nature, it is what makes the human race unique and special on its own right. However, that does not shadow the fact of our […]

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